The MIND Book

Memoirs of a Young Londoner

A tool for the community, developed for the mental well-being of teenage girls. Written by Youth Engagement Specialist & Coach Danielle Ennis.


Danielle is an author of self-help books for young girls (13 – 21), discussing topics such as mental well being and relationships.

These books develop crucial life skills such as self-awareness, resilience and healthy choices, and has received positive reviews from its users.

Following over 12 years of work with young people and their families, her books embody the engaging methods she has used to discuss difficult topics in classrooms and mentoring sessions. Her combination of story-telling and educational tools has proved to be a hit with youth and also provided insight for parents.


Danielle designs lessons to support Key Stage 4 students with their social and personal development.

These lessons support PSHE curriculum subjects, and develop skills such as critical thinking, emotional intelligence and build positive character traits. Her lessons can be found on the TES platform (user: educate and empower).

Danielle also conducts engaging and thought-provoking workshops at schools, bringing these topics to life.


One-to-one mentoring sessions are available for young people between the ages of 13 – 25 years old. Danielle’s program guides and challenges individuals in their personal development and specified career goals.

Following agreed targets, this service will nurture youth towards set targets as well as ensure accountability and support – developing their confidence and self-esteem, to learning budgeting and employability skills. Danielle has been trained in such as cognitive behavioral therapy and motivational interviewing.


Danielle has spoken at women’s conferences and networking events inspiring others to live an empowered life, through motivation and practical tools.

Topics have included overcoming obstacles, legacy and positive change, to professional workshops regarding best practice with vulnerable youth.

I have spoken at the following events

“I have seen improvements in [my son’s] confidence, self-awareness, communication skills, decision making and financial awareness. I love that he has a safe place to discuss his struggles and explore life!”

– Mentee’s Mother


From engaging lessons on subjects such as peer relationships, social media and diversity, to the Life Series programme for Girls’ Schools, Danielle has a number of resources available.

The Life Series programme is developed to equip students for life beyond school and lay healthy foundations for adulthood, from topics such as body confidence and managing emotions, to financial literacy and mental health. Please get in touch for more information.