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The MIND Workbook
Mental well-being for teenage girls
Using real content from a personal diary, The MIND Workbook highlights the psychological struggle often experienced during teenage years and offers valuable tools to equip young people in taking care of their mental well-being.

With her younger self in mind, this workbook operates as an introduction to the importance of our mental well-being and equips and encourages young girls to develop important life skills such as emotional intelligence, critical thinking and self-awareness with a method that is clear, concise and easy to use.

Most importantly, The MIND Workbook serves as a meeting place to discuss topics, which might otherwise feel too daunting or personal to approach, with topical areas of discussion including anxiety, depression, grieving, self-care, coping mechanisms and positive self-talk. The MIND Workbook is created for multiple uses:

  • Personal use - completing exercises to enable personal reflection  
  • For practitioners – a resource for 1:1 or group sessions 
  • For parents – a tool to create conversation between families 

Using a combination of story-telling and educational tools, the MIND Workbook uses engaging methods to discuss the grit that is real life, inviting readers to honestly evaluate their lives in the process. Personal and relatable, readers are also signposted to the NHS and UK charities that provide great online information, should they require more support. The MIND Workbook informs readers of how to identify concerning behaviour, and proactive ways to support themselves when they most need it.

The MIND Workbook is now available for purchase at Amazon.

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