Known for her direct approach, relatable stories and passion to empower others, Danielle is frequently
invited for interviews to chat about different elements of life and work. Have a listen to some below!

In Other News – Women & Mental Health

As part of Mental Health Awareness Week, Danielle joins an honest discussion about body image and body confidence with the online platform In Other News.

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PowerPoint lessons on a variety of subjects, such as healthy relationships (peers) and self-esteem & social media, to diversity and financial literacy


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Healthy Relationships – SocialLife & Scenarios

A lesson exploring healthy relationships and social situations that teens may find themselves in. Created for KS4, PSCHE, Pastoral orTutor Time resources.

Social Media & Self Esteem

A lesson exploring the relationship between social media and self-esteem, the root causes of our self-esteem and steps on how to improve it. . Created for KS4, PSCHE, Pastoral or Tutor Time resources.

More on Danielle

Danielle has worked extensively with families and a variety of professionals (teachers, social workers, mental health nurses, therapists, Youth Offending Teams) specialising in vulnerable youth (those with the highest risk factors).