A self-help book for teenagers

Using real content from a personal diary, Danielle takes the reader through the complicated journey of relationships. During a time when you are learning about yourself, how can you safely get to know others too? Topics range from consent and boundaries to red flags and personal values.

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Mental well-being for
teenage girls

Using real content from a personal diary, The MIND Workbook highlights the psychological struggle often experienced during teenage years and offers valuable tools to equip young people in taking care of their mental well-being.

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“I found the whole concept totally engrossing and think that the Q and A sections make it into so much more than a self-help manual. [This is] an extremely useful piece of writing which I can only imagine and hope, will help an awful lot of adolescent girls navigate their way through some really tough times.”

Lady Arabella Unwin

“I have been using it as a resource to aid mentoring sessions with my mentee who is 15 years old and has a learning difficulty.

The journal entry and exercises have been ideal for her as she is becoming more open about her thoughts and feeling without feeling embarrassed and is more engaging in the sessions. As we are reading the journal entries, she will often smile with acknowledgement.

Thank you very much for producing such a great book and sharing it with us”.

Mentor, Scotland

“I bought this product to help give advice and understand what the younger generation in my life are feeling in this day and age, and the challenges they may be facing and how I may be able to help them with encouragement when I see they are in a dark place.”

Dee Dee, via Amazon


From engaging lessons on subjects such as peer relationships, social media and diversity, to the Life Series programme for Girls’ Schools, Danielle has a number of resources available.

The Life Series programme is developed to equip students for life beyond school and lay healthy foundations for adulthood, from topics such as body confidence and managing emotions, to financial literacy and mental health. Please get in touch for more information.